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  • Upload raw social media data to Clowder bugfix (Chen) → Merged
  • Github Actions (YWK) → in progress
    • Make sure when publish to github using the "ncsa" project name
      env: MAIN_REPO: ncsa/standalone-smm-smile DOCKERHUB_ORG: socialmediamacroscope NCSAHUB: PLATFORM: linux/amd64 BRANCH: PR-109 VERSION: PR-109 DOCKERHUB_README: false DOCKERHUB_PUSH: true NCSAHUB_PUSH: false IMAGES: socialmediamacroscope/smile_server:PR-109,
    • Details refers to note
  • Review PR that adds smile-clowder interaction to docker-compose (YWK)


  • Remove host IP (YWK)

  • Clean up documentation (YWK & Chen). Details refer to note
  • Submit to NCSA all staff 5 minute lightening talks and prepare slides (Chen)
  • Import page (Chen)
  • Downloadable citations e.g. bibtex (Chen)
  • Add DNS known host and practice shutting down radiant instances. Preparing for the Radiant shutdown (Chen)