Chen Wang Yong Wook Kim 

Status check

  • Upload raw social media data to Clowder bugfix (Chen) → PR doesn’t work, need more testing 
  • Rewrite AutoPhrase (Chen) → Not started
  • Github Actions. Details please refer to last week's note (YWK)
    • For posting to Github, leveraging the NCSA project level secret 
      - name: Login to GitHub Container Registry
              uses: docker/login-action@v2
                username: ${{ }}
                password: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}

    • analytics
      • Only keep "push", remove the "pull" trigger in github action
      • Only main/release branch push to
      • Develop push to github packges
    • smm-server and smm-graphql
      • keep both push and pull trigger
      • Only main/realease branch push to
      • Rest push to github packages
  • Repo reorganization (YWK) → PR needs Chen's review
  • Twitter paid plan (Chen) → Haven't follow up with Lisa


  • Explaining all the environment variables in this confluence page: Environment+Variable+Explained. (YWK)
    • Double check if it covers every thing used in k8s cluster and docker-compose
    • See if you can reuse the variable explanation from docker-compose documentation

  • Helm chart documentation update (Chen needs to talk to Rob) 
    • How we can show ArgoCD repository (right now it is private)
    • Show helm chart version
    • Create a helm chart repo
  • Add slides to confluence page (Chen)
  • Organize the rest of the materials (Chen)
  • Separate import file page (Chen)
  • Citation downloadable (Chen)


  • Submit 5 min NCSA all staff talk
  • Working with Matias to deploy SMIILE on college of business K8s Cluster —> need to talk to Matias
  • Brainstorming of potential opportunities
  • Reply to [smm] Help's users with their English skills —> Chen will reply
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