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WhoMonday - PlannedFriday - Accomplished
Brock Angelo
  • Attending the IMLCZO conference Mon-Wed. In and out of the office as I travel to field stations.
  • Presenting the geodashboard on Tuesday night at Beckman.
  • Would like to meet with Anthony about ODM2 while he is here.
  • After conference, continue work on script ingestion parser.
  • Visited sites in the field on Monday.
  • Spent a lot of time with Anthony discussing plans to integrate Clowder with form inputs.
  • Worked with Marcus and Smruti on setting up extractors and discussed with Luigi how we might implement this for each of our Geodashboard projects moving forward.
Dave Mattson  
  • Cleanup
  • BD student meeting
  • Evals
  • BD student meeting
  • Evals
  • Start cleanup, handoff
Edgar F. Black
  • Finish the MSC annual report.
  • Re-start working exploring the data from the Chicago team.
  • MSC annual report finished and submitted to Kenton for review.
    • The report was edited by Jason before submission.
  • Data from the MSC Chicago team is still being reviewed
Mario Felarca
  • Finish up first pass of users in spaces
    • Ability to add users with a role
    • Ability to edit users' roles
    • Ability to remove users
  • Integrate with a multiselect plugin to allow for simpler addition and conform to some of the mockups associated with the task
  • Update wiki to include the basic information about spaces
  • Functionality for all items is in place from the service side of things
  • Integration with Chosen plugin for UI for the user selection
  • All functionality is exposed for users, however certain elements remain outstanding pending discussion and further refinement.
  • Wiki updated with space information
Rob Kooper
  • SEAD
    • Pull in fixes to issues when deployed on sead.ncsa
    • Deploy on all other SEAD machines
  • PEcAn
    • Data license
    • Create new VM
  • Clowder
    • CS492 pull requests (final week)
  • SEAD
    • Deploy latest version on all SEAD machines
    • Import separate instances into single clowder instance as separate spaces.
  • PEcAn
    • Deploy BETY on BU machine, incl. migration of database (latest version does not work)
    • Create VM with latest code base for PEcAn (1.4.3rc1)
  • Clowder
    • Merged most of the CS492 pull requests
    • Fixed issue with files stored in Mongo
  • Open Source
    • DESDM totally switched to confluence
Jong Lee  
Rui Liu
  • BD: update BD-435 pull request according to Rob's comments; elasticity improvements if time allows;
  • Earthcube: continue working on the annotation service – annotate with CSDMS standard names.
  • BD: finished updating BD-435 pull request files, waiting for Rob to review again. Elasticity: looked into using Amazon AWS, discussed with Kenton and Rob; looked into SC15 poster preparation.
  • Earthcube: Cleaned up and created a pull request for all existing features, Luigi approved and merged them. Integrated CSDMS standard name annotation working into user metadata in Clowder, together with GSIS providing the standard names – new code in both Clowder and GSIS, haven't checked in yet.
  • BW: helped user on a TAU ticket BWAPPS-1032.
Luigi Marini
  • IML-CZO site visit
  • T2C2 Demo
  • Clowder documentation
  • SEAD permission sprint
  • Prepare SEAD presentation and demo for next week
  • (green star) IML-CZO site visit
  • (green star) T2C2 Demo
  • (red star) Clowder documentation
  • (star) SEAD permission sprint
  • (star) Prepare SEAD presentation and demo for next week
Kenton McHenry
  • BigData proposal
  • Followup on MSC paper, SC paper, BigData paper
  • BD task assignments
  • BD Task assignments
  • Various publication efforts
  • MSC report
  • BigData proposal
Christopher Navarro
  • NIST - Start testing Ergo and adding bugs to JIRA to define work for version 1.0 of NIST-CORE
  • CyberSEES
    • Meeting, help Indira with DataWolf and flowtable editor
  • BD - Continue working on edit tool capability for DataWolf
  • Laptop specs
  • NIST - discussed license scenarios with Jong
  • CyberSEES - attended meeting, worked with Indira to get rhessys workflow running
  • BD - worked on edit tool capability, found bug with ORM and associating file blobs with multiple tools. I've created a unit test for this and will debug the issue next week.
  • MSR - attended NFIE meeting
  • Took half of a personal day on Wednesday

Michal Ondrejcek
  1. Continue with the Management Tool, MWRD-114MWRD-116 and continue improving css workflow pane, green design
  2. Continue improving data ingestion workflows
  3. Prepare presentations, slides and use cases (storms)
Smruti Padhy
  • Explore VM elasticity model
  • Work on BD paper and poster
  • Read some papers on Autoscaling with budget contraints
  • Discussed with Kenton about the paper and poster.
  • Started working on eScience poster
  • BD Demo and meeting with students
  • Helped Brock with Extractors Setup
  • Meeting with Jong, Deb and Wei Quan with regard to BD usecase tool

Sandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan
  • Test the new changes to person tracking extractor and previewer (MMDB-1828 / MMDB-1825) and issue pull requests
  • Continue with development on person tracking sections / bounding boxes
  • Make gateway instance and Gordon stable for an upcoming demo (end of May)
  • Other VAT tasks.
  • Tested the new changes and issued pull requests for MMDB-1828 and MMDB-1825. The changes have been merged.
  • Created a prototype using JSFiddle to display bounding boxes on video. Started integrating it into Clowder file page.
  • Updated Clowder running in Gordon and VAT gateway machines.
  • Tested the extractors running in Gordon.
Eugene Roeder  
Inna Zharnitsky  
Marcus Slavenas
  • Research Handwriting extraction
  • Prepare to refactor great lakes to gulf parsers
  • Handwriting Extraction
    • looked at convnet c++ package - will hold off trying to use for now
    • run ocropy python ocr - works well on text, but not great on hand writing
    • start learning to use theano from - probably best option known by me at present
  • GLTG
    • buffing up python oop skills for refactoring of parsers
    • started working on front-end tasks
  • Student use case meeting
    • presented GI use case
    • started planning summer schedule with students
Indira Gutierrez Polo
  • SEAD
    • Update the form for new/Edit Spaces.
    • Move advanced configuration in spaces to the new/edit spaces form.
  • CyberSees
    • Setup RHESSys Workflow
  • SEAD
    • Update the form for new/Edit Spaces.
    • Move advanced configuration in spaces to the new/edit spaces form.
  • CyberSees
    • Setup RHESSys Workflow
Jason Votava
  • NIST onsite meeting
  • ISDA photo session
  • Meet with Kenton to set next 8 weeks of BrownDog
  • Monthly PM meeting
  • CAP monthly meeting
  • 2014 employee evaluations with Dave
  • Review report for Edgar
  • Lots of NIST prep work/meetings/discussions
  • ISDA pictures this afternoon
  • BD use case presentations were productive and informative
  • Another draft of slide for NCSA PM presentation for Learning Days
  • Up to speed on employee evaluation process
  • Made content and layout edits for Edgar's report
Winston Jansz
  • Work on SEAD-Medici tickets.
  • Closed MMDB-1780 (entering a duplicate tag results in a popup); wasn't reproducible. 
  • Instead, created MMDB-1836 (entering a duplicate tag results in the label showing twice, prior to a refresh).–Resolved, with minor JavaScript changes in 2 files.
  • Further familiarizing myself with SEAD in preparation for SEAD mtg in Indiana next week.