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To restore the database geostream database you can use the following command. 

Code Block
titleRestoring PostgreSQL
pg_restore -d geostream geostream

3. Performing the upgrade

The actual update consists of a few steps. After these steps are completed you will have an updated version of clowder.

  1. Make sure you have backed up your database. 
  2. Download the version you want to install, some common versions are:
    1. Latest stable version - This version is more tested, but is not as up to date as the development version.
    2. Latest development version - This version contains the latest code and has been lightly tested.
  3. Stop the current version of clowder you have running
  4. Move the folder of the current version
  5. Unzip the downloaded version of clowder
  6. Move the custom folder of the original clowder to the custom folder of the new clowder
  7. Start clowder. Make sure your startup script uses the flag -DMONGOUPDATE=1 and -DPOSTGRESUPDATE=1 to update the databases. If the database is not updated the application might not run correctly and/or you might not be able to login.

To make this process easier we have a script "" that will perform all these tasks for you (except for the backup, your are still responsible for the backup). The script does assume you have in the startup script that will have the UPDATE flags enabled.

  • To upgrade to the latest development version, as root, do: 


    Code Block
  • To upgrade to the latest stable version, as root, do: 


    Code Block

    For both, if this does not update it, add "--force" after "".

4. Post upgrade checks and tasks