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WhoPlanned - MondayAccomplished - Friday
  • BD
    • Finish report section
    • Test/fix get transformations button enablement
  • NIST
    • Work on IN-CORE version 2
  • BD
    • Finished report section
    • Added a fix for get transformation button so cut/paste would fire validation event
    • Merged changes to DataWolf to fix layout issues and redirect users to the workflow graph view when calling provenance endpoint
  • NIST
    • Modified datawolf to use tokens which could be used to verify authentication.
    • Based on the token authentication, updated Clowder DAOs to save datasets by user.
  • General
    • Looked into issue where datasets are stored in Clowder by user, but the files, which DataWolf stores separately, are still stored anonymously
    • Opened pull request for datawolf issue when downloading log files for executions. If a log file exists, the link displays the logfile json instead of fetching the file
  • GLM
    • Ingest all zooplankton data
    • Review Yan's Glenda Pull request
    • Bridge Fragilities UI
  • GLM
    • Ingested zooplankton data to local. And it looks fine.
    • Updated the colors for the zooplankton graphs.
    • Created pull request for moving geodashboard from 9000 to 8080 for gltg and imlczo
    • Cleanup of the code in geodashboard-search-react
    • Added x's to the filter box on geodashboard-search-react
    • Reviewed pull requests
    • Bridge Fragilities UI - Some work
  • Study AWS lambda service
  • Meet with solution architect from Amazon to discuss how to incorporate AWS to KnowEng platform
  • Did small tests using AWS lambda service: pack python source file and its related libraries and using AWS lambda interface to execute code.
  • Performance investigation on Fisher test running on AWS machine.
  • Update docker base image:
    • remove matplotlib library from base image.
    • remove related source code and test code in Sample_clustering_pipeline.
    • update other downstream docker images
  • BD Tools Catalog cleanup
  • DAP-dev redeployment
  • BD Advisory board meeting
  • South Big Data Hub presentation
  • NDS SC16 demo followup
  • BD Tools Catalog cleanup
  • DAP-dev redeployment
  • BD Advisory board meeting
  • South Big Data Hub presentation
  • NDS SC16 demo followup
  • HR
  • BD
    • Many fence bugfixes and improvements
    • Report section
  • GLM
    • Pull requests
    • Postgres caching
    • Reactjs reviews and meeting
    • Proposal
  • SEAD
    • Meetings and pull requests
  • Clowder
  • Arizona Wed - Fri
  • TERRA documentation
  • bulk extractor processing
  • prepare sample space for TERRA
  • terra documentation ready
  • presented sample space
  • enjoying the sun in AZ
  • Clowder -
  • MDF - 2016-11-07+Kickoff
    • contact researcher from the list
    • SAXS metadata
  • MWRD - process new CSO data from Joe (10/26), internal meeting Tue, 11/22 meeting invite
  • Sandbox Development
  • v2 Sandbox Development
  • Fragility Data and Analysis Workflow
  • Wrap up Gateways notes
  • Brown Dog Quarterly Report
  • JIRA planning for all projects - since I was gone last week
  • BD Roll out / marketing planning
  • HR tasks

Brown Dog Quarterly report not started - not all reports are in

Updates to on-boarding that I know of for Michelle Pitcel are complete

Created GANTT for planning GLTG

Follow up on Resume Reviews/prescreens - no response from committee yet

BD Advisory Meeting

Room/Planning for Dec 5 Brown Dog meeting

Implemented new Chromecast displays for team TVs

  • BD
    • pecan use case
    • run the BIL convertor success. not doing the wrapper
    • bdfiddle R code download fix bug
    • create bd.r library, not success.
  • GLM
    • review zooplankton PR
    • date picker ui
  • Update small area estimation plugin
  • Create UI mock-up for incore version 2