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Several projects are interested in adding a feature where one person can upload on behalf of another user. Possible cases - a graduate

student uploads a large quantity of data for a researcher. The grad student did the uploading, but the 'owner' of the data is someone else. 

Another scenario - someone wants a particular type of analysis performed on a sample in a lab. There is a dedicated expert in the lab who performs that 

type of analysis for others. They want to be able to perform the analysis and upload the data for the other user. The file or dataset needs to be able 

to change owner/author while retaining info on who uploaded it. Perhaps a new role (Uploader?) is a way to achieve this.




  1. Security. 
  2. Transfer of ownership of file needs to preserve original uploader but current author. The actual owner should have more rights (such as 
    the right to delete the file. Who actually uploaded the file should stay attached as data.
  3. The person uploading for someone else should not be overwhelmed by seeing too many spaces, collections, datasets. 
  4. Avoid having to create too many new spaces. A user might be able to create a single space where the person they want to upload the data has 'Uploader' role.
  5. An uploader might make a mistake and upload the wrong file - some time window during which they can delete files they upload?