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Future Releases

VersionTentative Release DateSummary
December 2016
  • Finally!
1.119 January 20171.2March 2017
  • New elasticsearch code
  • Updated POST endpoint /api/extractors that can accept a list of extractor repositories (this may possibly need to come in an earlier release based on Brown Dog Beta release plan)
  • Polygon support in Geostreams API
  • Dataset/File sorting
  • Collections downloading
  • Upload collection as zip
  • Download multiple datasets by selecting them individually
  • Pyclowder2 support for create dataset/collection with parent
  • SEAD
1.2.xApril 2017
  • Left overs from above
  • Brown Dog beta release
1.3.xJune 2017
  • See changelog
1.4February 2018
  • API tokens
  • Trashcan
  • Authentication improvements
  • Metadata improvements
1.5September 2018
  • New extraction bus (retains backward compatibility)
  • Proxy for backend services
  • Upgrade to Play 2.5
  • Drop secure social
  • Drop salat and casbah
  • Remove external javascript libraries from codebase
  • Remove BD dropping of Mongo collection for extractors monitoring
  • Update to video person tracking previewer based on the JSON-LD metadata
  • New endpoint to update existing JSON-LD metadata
    Remove unused legacy code
    • XML RDF export
    • Rabbitmq monitoring using manager API (Maxwell Burnette started on this)
    • Geostreams API
      • Pull request created - Todd N.
    • Deprecated endpoints
    2.1Drop Play plugins
    • Drop Play plugins for services using Guice dependency injection
    • Future versions of Play drop plugins
    2.2Elasticsearch upgrade
    • Elasticsearch v2 to v7 upgrade
    2.3Split service layer in two layers
    • Current services mix implementation details (for example how to store a dataset in MongoDB) with app logic (for example when deleting a dataset also delete the files within)
    • Top layer will be app generic (for example when deleting a dataset call FileService.delete on all children)
    • Bottom layer will be implementation specific (for example MongoDB vs Postgres)
    • See TreeService for an example of a service that has only one implementation
    2.4New MongoDB implementation
    3.0Play 2.7 and securesocial transition
    • Upgrade from Play 2.2 to 2.7

    Old Releases