Updated tutorial materials for the Brown Dog beta instance are now available here:

Brown Dog Tutorial - Beta Release

To facilitate users in the portions involving the creation of new transformation tools to be deployed in the Brown Dog Data Transformation Service (DTS) we have incorporated a new docker based utility that allows one to get going quickly, the BD Development Base:


On your local machine all you need is git and docker (which you would need regardless), then simply type:

and you will be up and running with your own DTS instance (and all of its dependent sub-services).  To startup a basic tool development environment automatically connected to this personal DTS instance then type:

  • extractor (for Clowder extractor development)
  • converter (for Polyglot converter development)

We also provide a Virtual Machine containing these components and utilities to further facilitate users as they get started:


If interested in an onsite hands-on tutorial for your organization please let us know at browndog-support@ncsa.illinois.edu!

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