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Congratulations on becoming a part of our team!

Our whole group welcomes you to the Innovative Software and Data Analysis group at NCSA.

We are looking forward to creating great things with you.

Welcome aboard!

  • Who to contact if you are sick, want to request vacation, etc
    • Vacation: Talk to your team lead - will the time impact deliverables for the group?
    • Vacation and Sick Time - email to let people know you will not be in the office
    • Update your Outlook Calendar with Vacation/Days off - This way people who create meetings will be able to see if you are available
    • See who is in the Office - update if you are going to be out please for the team - Calendar

Setting Up Your Computer

Make sure the following programs are loaded:

Login Accounts and what they work for:

ncsa vpn ==  ncsa password (kerberos/internal)

ncsanet == illinois password (is managed by illinois)

illinoisnet == illinois password

ISDA Tools

Useful technical tutorials:

Important Websites

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