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Some cats are allergic to humans (smile)

Have a great week!


WhoPlanned - MondayAccomplished - Friday

Complete Terraform steps for provisioning storage with Kubernetes cluster.

Prepare Pull Request for KubeAdm bootstrap scripts from Data8 group.

Start updating Brown Dog Tutorials with NDS Workbench environment

Start coming up to speed on Materials Data Facility architecture.

  • Cover Crop
    • Project meeting
    • Help with issues running new workflow for generating experiment file from template
  • FarmDoc
    • Setup build
    • Help with frontend based on cover crop design
    • Review any feedback from IN-CORE demo/semi-annual meeting
    • Work on adding new tornado/hurricane fragilities
    • Migrate other tornado models to version 2
  • Ergo
    • Work on 4.0 release for June Ergo workshop
    • Travel plans for Ergo workshop
  • General - Out Friday (vacation day)
Gowtham Naraharisetty

  • KnowEng
    • Refactor Data_Cleanup_Pipeline
    • Add new feature to Signature_Analysis_Pipeline
    • Prepare documentation on KnowEng third-party packages and files in repo
  • In-Core
    • Benchmark on
  • KnowEng
    • Refactored Data_Cleanup_Pipeline to object oriented style and extract functions to group in different classes.
    • Added new feature to Signature_Analysis_Pipeline
    • Added testing for new changes
    • Prepared documentation on KnowEng third-party packages and files in repo
  • In-Core
    • Benchmark on

  • NDS8
  • Taiwan collaboration
  • HR
  • GEOD
    • May development plan
    • Release
  • Clowder
    • 2.0 refactoring
    • 1.4 release
  • Industry
    • Clowder extractions by space
  • vbd
    •  automate calculation of temperature and precipitaion weekly and seasonal normals
    • run normals in r code model builder
  • gltg
    • finish greon running on parser vm
    • systems up
      • release
  • timesheet catchup
  • check status of new 3d scanner conversion code and prep v2 of extractor
  • pipeline updates w/ Craig and discussion of backlog handling
  • extractor refactoring for workflow timing issues
  • MDF
    • finish script for FF pipeline
  • Farmdoc
    • json graph and table output FD-20 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Faculty Fellowship
    • install and run the server and web pages

  • Follow up HR tasks
  • GLTG - report for IEPA - add additional info - get team feedback
  • Brown Dog - f/u on quarterly report - write my section - give combined report to Kenton
  • BD - flyer - learn new program
  • SSA PPT ....
  • SMU contract f/u


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