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I think this is totally cool ....

Scientists have found evidence of take-out restaurants in the remains of Pompeii.


WhoPlanned - MondayAccomplished - Friday
  • add flag in greenindex extractors not to trigger extraction on uploaded streetview images.
  • update greenindex extractors to take user apikey.
  • remove data from geoserver when files are deleted from Clowder.
  • pix4d extractor



Gowtham Naraharisetty


  • INCORE-469: Hurrican windfield model - Create CVS format
  • INCORE-417: Implement centralized error logging


  • FD-46: Implement advanced tables (react-table?)
  • Fix the flow to show graphs automatically and display run status



  • Keep working on stochastic population Analysis


  • Clowder error logging private key
  • Test new extractors to deploy in Clowder SMU instance
  • Forecasts
  • GeoDaRRs workshop
  • ESIP membership form
  • OSN timelines
  • HR
  • Geostreaming data framework v3 deployments and review
  • Clowder  
  •  GLTG
    • geostreaming api and geodashboard v3
  • VBD
    • graph data from python model
  • finish PR for metrics in Clowder
  • evaluate 2 new extractors for terraref pipeline
  • post-harvest pipeline status evaluation
  • VBD onboarding
 KnowEnG (W.I.P.)
  • Documentation
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • AWS CloudFormation
  • Jupyter Knowtebook
  • EPN Recovery model coding for pyincore
  • Create the location model service


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