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Even dogs need help sometimes too - you know how we have comfort dogs?  There are Comfort Kids!

At the Humane Society of Missouri, kid volunteers comfort anxious shelter dogs by reading to them.

Happy WoofDay!


WhoPlanned - MondayAccomplished - Friday
  •  add threads in bdbox to do asynchronous extraction on files.
  • config bdbox url hostname.
  • update stitching extractors to put more information on output filename
  • deploy extractors as docker-compose file on industry prod cluster.
  • Wrap up Brown Dog Box Skills
  • Submit NanoManufacture Graphene recipes to test Materials Data Facility Repo
  • Write up ESIP Winter Conference Session outline


  • debug network analysis
  • sync github with Bitbucket, and release the code
  • write an interface to allow user to upload their own data


  • hazard viewer jupyterlab plugin
  • TBD

  • Cover Crop
    • Code review
  • FarmDoc
    • Code review
    • Sprint/release planning for December conference/meetings PIs will demo at
  • Ergo
    • Code review
    • Work on wrapping up KISTI work 
  • IN-Core
    • Joplin paper
    • Task planning to harden services for opening up to COE
    • Finish NGA attenuation migration to v2
    • Code Review
  • Other
    • Arrange meeting with faculty fellow to touch base
    • Ethics training
  • Planning/requirements
  • RDA travel fellow kickoff meeting


  • Submit IRB
  • Follow up on security audit
  • First pass at contribution guidelines


  • Provision K8S cluster in ISDA for NCSA Workbench and JH.


  • Work with Mats/Max to finalize Pegasus prototype on PSC and ICC


  • Fixed final bugs
Gowtham Naraharisetty
    INCORE-592: Refactor Water facility Damage with base analysis
    Hurricane roughness factor GIS refactoring?
  • Farmdoc
    FD-56: Bug to preserve login session across tabs.
    Move both pages(input & chart) to a single layout?
    Work on mobile friendliness?

  • SC18
  • HR
  •  Clowder development
    • Finish up user keys
    • Start on new extractor info update over rabbitmq
    • Design for new metadata viewer
  • Geostreaming Data Framework
    • Finishing up dockerization
    • Clean up build process
  • Continue development of SMM provenance prototype
  • TERRA - Mongo Cleanup scripts continued
  • TERRA - updating other extractors for reprocessing
  • SYN - clean up new API endpoints to use URL parameters for GET
  • SYN - finish dataset extraction events display
  • Misc
    • Lightning Talk Prep
  • GLTG
    • Poster
    • In Review:
    • Re-run Parsers for Flux Tower and Allerton non-Decagon
    • IMLCZO-251 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • IMLCZO-252 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • In Review:
  • Misc
    • Lightning Talk Prep
    • Reviewed Pull Requests
  • GLTG
    • Poster
    • GEOD-1150 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • GEOD-1157 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • GEOD-1160 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • GEOD-1161 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Implement location model aws sqs monitoring system for both simpl and simpl-dev
  • Add swagger function to incore data service
  • Refactor Recovery Model based on base analysis
  • Refactor Tornado EPN Damage based on base anlaysis



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