Which source control solution and development workflow will be used by the project? Some options are:

  • Bitbucket - External Resource where you can host closed-source projects. It can be linked to NCSA JIRA.

  • OpenSource Bitbucket - through Atlassian Opensource suite. The projects that use this option needs to be open source

  • GitHub - Very public, pretty close to the de-facto standard for hosting open source projects

  • GitLab - Can use the external/public one, or the NCSA hosted one (https://git.ncsa.illinois.edu/). The NCSA hosted one can be used for closed-source projects, a drawback is that it cannot be connected to JIRA right now. 

My recommendations

My recommendations in general are:
- github.com if your project is opensource and you want external collaborators and make it easy to find
- git.ncsa.illinois.edu if your project is private and you don't want to host the code external, you can add people using the NCSA identity system
- bitbucket.com if your project is private but you want external people and want to host it outside of NCSA
- opensource.ncsa.illinois.edu if your project is public but don't want to host it on github (for example you like jira/confluence/etc)

But I want it more places.

What we do is host our projects on opensource and then push the master branch to github, to get the public feel, but have more control over the branches and jira tickets.

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