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Command Line Interface



Global Options


Enable the interactive debugger


Enable verbose output

Parse Subcommand


daffodil parse (-s <schema> [-r <root> [-n <namespace>]] [-p <path>] | -P <parser>) [-D<variable>=<value>...] [-o <output>] [<infile>]


The annotated DFDL schema to use to create the parser. This option may be supplied multiple times for multi-schema support. This option cannot be used with the --parser option.
The root element of the DFDL schema to use. This must be one of the top-level elements of the schema defined with --schema. This requires the --schema option to be defined. If not supplied, the first element of the first schema defined with --schema is used.
The namespace of the root element.Requires the --root option.
The path to the node from the root element to create the parser from.
Use a previously saved parser, created using the save-parser subcommand. This option cannot be used with the --schema option.
Variables to be used when parsing.
Write output to a give file. If the option is not given or is -, output is written to standard out.
Input file to parse. If not specified, or is a value of -, reads from standard in. In supplied, this must be the last option on the command line.
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