• Jong Lee, Anna Marshall, Gary Miller, Mei-Po Kwan, Barbara Minsker, Jana Diesner, Luis Rodriguez, Paolo Gardoni(Lync), Nora El-Gohary (Lync)


  • Funding status, administrative structure & reporting

    • Funding commitments from COE, NCSA, PRI; discussions with FAA, ISEE
    • Housed at NCSA, probably reporting line through ISEE
    • Faculty Fellow opportunity at NCSA, next competition coming in Spring 2014 & at least 1 Fellow allocated to center topics
  • Data issues

    • Issues in access, privacy
    • Center will serve as hub for researchers to obtain access to good urban datasets
  • Working group members - co-chairs come up with list - keep small initially

  • Workshop timing/keynote speakers - February/March 2015 - co-chairs come up with list of potential keynote speakers (cities, creative big data researchers working on related topics)

  • Meetings every other Wednesday 11:45-12:45, starting 9/10. Barbara will send invitation. Bring lunch!

  •  Proposals

    • HazardSEES, STC