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This is a page for collecting various DES/DESDM PR materials including DECam color images from co-added exposures, DES logos, high-resolution visualizations, etc.


These is a selection of high quality visualization made by the Advanced Visualization Laboratory at NCSA led by Donna Cox, as part of the CADENS project.

  • The Fornax Cluster of Galaxies observed by DECam (5.1MB) – link
  • The DES Network flow from CTIO to NCSA (51MB) – link
  • How to make an RGB color astronomical image (5MB) – link
  • Map of DES Collaboration partners (57MB) – link
  • The build up of the DES footprint over 3 years for observations (84MB) – link
  • The 3D distribution of galaxies from a very small region of the survey (212MB) – link


NGC Galaxies in the DES Footprint.

This is a selection of NGC objects and other nearby objects that are inside the DES footprint. The images where created by Felipe Menanteau using a custom-version of the Y3A1 multi-epoch pipeline at NCSA.

  • Wide view of the Fornax Cluster – large version (577MB) and smaller version (10MB)
  • The re-processed of the Fornax Cluster as seen on DECam's "First Light" - large version (190MB) and smaller version (4MB)
  • Slideshow of some NGC galaxies inside the DES footprint (545MB) – link
  • Collection of postcards created for SC16 – link

DECam Color Images from Co-added exposures.

I have created a set of nice, pretty color images of DECam exposures using data First Light observations and from previously known clusters targeted during SVA1. These color images are here available to the DES collaboration and we hope they will be used for PR purposes. The images were processed at NCSA by the Dark Energy Survey Data Managment (DESDM). When used, they should be credited to DESDM at NCSA.

The color images of DECam exposures were created using STIFF (version 2.1.3) from co-added fits files using SWArp at a pixel-scale of 0.5 arcsec/pixel. I used images that were processes through the initial steps of the DESDM pipeline (crosstalk, bias, flats, astro- alignment) and were further cleaned of spurious objects using mkbleed to mask and interpolate over saturated stars and bleed trails (with interpolation on) and immask (version 0.2.1) to mask and detect satellite trails and cosmic rays. The color images, are very large TIFF files (~200Mb) with JPEG compression of ~15,000 x 15,000 pixels size. Full resolution color images (at 0.263 arcsec/pixel and ~30,000 x 30,000) are available on request (send me email felipe at


These are the focal plane projection of 6 fields observed by DECam in the fall of 2012.

DES Collaboration Logos

Here I provide vector and bitmap images for the DES Collaboration logo to be used in presentations, posters, letter heads, etc. They are based on the original version, and were re-generated as vector images, using the core of the RXC 2248 (z=0.35) cluster from the First Light data as the astronomical image. These logos are published under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 license. 



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The DES Data Management system is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Number (1138766).


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