Today there was an unexpected outage of NCSA Open Source. Most of the system came back relatively fast however JIRA and Confluence where down for extended period time. All systems should be up and running again. If not let me know.

Longer update. Today I tried to update the system to patch the 'dirty cow' exploit. This required an update to the kernel as well as a reboot. During the install of the kernel on either this system, or another system a wrong kernel was installed. The secondary system exports drives as NFS mounted fiesystem to the VM server. The secondary system did not come back up correctly and potentially caused the vm server to become unhappy. When reboot the VMs for opensource to mitigate the 'dirty cow' bug, the servers did not want to reboot and required me to physically shutdown the VM server. Once the secondary machine was fixed and the VM server was restarted all services came back as normal.

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