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Add docker files, scripts for building and running Polyglot server and SS containers


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      As part of comments for Rui's work on BD-1009, Rob mentioned:

      One thing I would love to see is the ability in the source tree to create docker containers. Maybe that is something to work on next. Instead of what we do currently, which is pulling the builds from bamboo, I would like to move what we started to do with clowder and the extractors and that is to build a docker container from the source code. This way people can build containers on their own code and easily test things. To get this done we need a few things:

      docker-compose.yml : in the root folder, contains all the needed containers and linkages. We can point people to this container to start a polyglot stack.
      docker.sh : used to copy files and build the docker container, see https://opensource.ncsa.illinois.edu/bitbucket/projects/CATS/repos/clowder/browse/docker.sh for the clowder version
      docker.polyglot : folder that contains the docker file needed for the polyglot server
      docker.imagemagick : folder that contains the docker file needed for a simple software server
      docker.foobar : second software server.

      With this we can build docker containers easily and push them to docker hub. What we do in clowder is push if, master => clowder:latest, clowder:develop => develop and release/:version => clowder:version.

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