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toolcatalog will request whether a tool already deployed in bd-swarm, and express that status on GUI


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       As a Brown Dog Administrator I want a visual indicator of tool deployment status so I don't start the same tool twice.

      Acceptance Criteria

      1. Go to the deploy tools view
      2. Select a Brown Dog Cluster
      3. Find a tool that has not been deployed. 
        1. The Add button should be enabled
        2. The Stop should be disabled
      4. Deploy the tool
      5. The status changes to deployed
      6. The Add button is disabled
      7. The Stop button is enabled
      8. Delete the tool
      9. The status changes to undeployed
      10. Add button enabled
      11. Stop button is disabled.


      We are burdening this story with some essential architecture changes. The TC will no longer communicate with RabbitMQ, but will interact directly with the BD-Stats service.


      A new Mongo document will be created to manage the configuration of the relationship between TC and the BD-Stats services. For this story all we need is the name of the cluster and the URL of the BD-Stats service that is associated with it.

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