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Update texts on landing page and dashboard


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      As for the dashboard, I think just:

      Data the product of simulation by DSSAT [add link]

      Soils data from USDA SSURGO

      Weather data from: [Trent add]



      The cover crop tool uses the Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer (DSSAT https://dssat.net/), which is an open source modeling program for dynamic crop growth simulation for over 42 crops.  DSSAT simulates crop growth using a range of models and data inputs for soil, plant and weather dynamics.  It has been adapted for using in simulating cereal rye cover crops and incorporates commercial cropping practices, USDA soils data for the selected field and weather data [TRENT: please add in some on weather].  From the DSSAT model simulation, estimates for cover crop biomass, carbon-ton-nitrogen ration and nitrogen data (uptake, loss and loss reduction) are visualized.

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              vnarah2 Gowtham Naraharisetty
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