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DPath: Cannot reference an entire sequence via a path


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      NOTE: this issue is seen in the "serialization-with-dpath2" branch, not the current 0.15.0 branch

      I wrote test "not_07" to test the following:
      "If $arg is the empty sequence... fn:not returns true"

      Whenever I try to reference the sequence that I defined, I get the following error:

      Schema Definition Error: Query-style paths not supported. Must have '[...]' after array-element's name. Offending path step: 'ex:num'.

      In this case, I don't want to access a particular item in the array, but the array itself.

      See tests not_05 and not_07 in daffodil-test/src/test/resources/edu/illinois/ncsa/daffodil/section23/dfdl_functions/Functions.tdml

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