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Performance - Unparser - when infoset comes from tree in memory


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      This class should be rewritten to use a tree walk, not all this allocating/iterating layers.

      See also JSON issue DFDL-1210, which also needs an Infoset tree walker.

      class InfosetSourceFromTree(doc: InfosetDocument) extends InfosetSource {
        // FIXME
        // TODO - Performance - this has to be fast. Round trip processing where you first parse
        // and then unparse data will use this to generate the infoset events.
        // That's an important use case
        // So all this Stream/Iterator baggage has to go and be replaced by a straightforward tree walk.
        // Note however, that there are other kinds of infoset tree walks needed (e.g., JSON output, and XML
        // output should be revise to use this tree walker once it is written.)
        // So we need an infoset tree walker that can be used to implement a few patterns.

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