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Implement outputValueCalc for elements where length depends on value (alignment related)


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      This ticket exists pretty much to document that this feature isn't being implemented.

            // There are a whole bunch of situations where we know the length of an OVC
            // element without having to know the value.
            // We restrict OVC so that we know its length without having to know the value
            // so that we can skip forward past the OVC element, and we know the absolute bit position
            // of the thing following it. This lets us deal with alignment regions in that when
            // we try to unparse an alignment region, we can answer the question of how we're aligned
            // currently, so we can determine how many bits to skip.
            // If we allow OVC elements to be variable length where the length depends on the value,
            // then as we unparse forward, if we encounter the need to insert an alignment region, well
            // we don't know the alignment until we know the variable length of the preceding OVC
            // element, so we have to wait for that expression to get its value. But that value
            // may not be forthcoming unless we can continue to unparse. So we have to suspend inserting
            // the alignment region, split off a new buffering dataOutputStream, and come back
            // to filling in the alignment region once we have the length of the OVC element.
            // This is all very complex. For now we want the OVC element to be such that
            // we can determine its length without the value.
            // TODO: add recognition of more cases where we know the length without the value
            // or implement the complex splitting/buffering for alignment after a variable-length
            // OVC element. (This seems obscure enough that it may never come up in real formats.)

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