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      The wiki has a bunch of redundant pages saying how to setup to do daffodil use or development. At least 3 pages give instructions on sbt, what version, and where to get it. There are multiple pages discussing eclipse setup.

      We don't have enough manpower to maintain these as is.

      I think we should get out of the business of spoon feeding developers on how to setup eclipse, walk-through on how to install sbt, cygwin, etc. because these pages become obsolete very fast, particularly if they have screen-captures on them.

      We should have exactly one page where version numbers of tools are mentioned. We should mention specific versions we are actively using and testing against, not things like "version 0.13 or higher". We should tell people what we know works. If they want to try a higher version number they can do so, and report back on whether it works.

      There is duplication between the setup for "users" and setup for "developers" parts.

      The audiences are:

      • people who just want to use daffodil from the CLI
      • people who want to write DFDL schemas, and configure eclipse XML support to help them do that
      • java developers who want the above, plus the ability to write code that uses daffodil.
      • scala developers who want to do the above, plus the ability to modify and re-create daffodil

      Far as I know, the tricky things are: on windows you need cygwin, on windows you need unicode support so the japanese language pack, on eclipse - it's trickly because of the XML-validation feature, which you want if you are writing DFDL schemas, but can't have on if you are doing daffodil development - due to invalid DFDL schema files that are present for negative test purposes. (Separate jira ticket to fix that.)

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