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Extensibility: pluggable encoders/decoders - e.g., ASN.1 Object Identifier


      Some data types are encoded in ways we can't decode.

      Good example of this is an ASN.1 DER "Object Identifier".

      Another good example of this is a Google Protocol Buffers zig-zag integer.

      Another example of this is the payload of a mil-std-2045 header - the payload can be specified as "compressed", and must be decompressed when parsing, recompressed when unparsing.


      This ticket may be mixing some issues.

      • Primitive representations of string, int, etc.
      • decoding of a representation before subsequently parsing it, or the inverse for unparsing

      In general DFDL/Daffodil needs extensibility of this kind, so that every time someone runs into a format with some encoding not anticipated by the DFDL standard we don't have to add it into the Daffodil implementation as a special case.

      We need the ability to extend by adding a jar of specifically-setup libraries, and augmenting a schema with declarations that the extension be added.

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