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SimpleTypeRuntimeData facet evaluation causes slow compile time


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      The code in Facets.scala and RestrictionUnion.scala appears to cause a notcable hit in performance (maybe 20% on a very large file with lots of restrictions). If I replace all the facet information in in the SimpleTypeRuntimeData constructor with Nil's and None's, compile time decreases. I suspect there are some performance improvements we can make with Facets.scal and ResttrictoinUntion. A quick cursory sees some duplicating effort (e.g. multiple calls to xml
      "restriction", which is probably pretty slow itself. Facets.scala is kindof messy and hard to read, so a redisgn/refactoring might make it easier to improve this aspect of compilation.

      Also, removing the requiredEvaluations in Facets.scala also helps quite a bit. Seems perhaps the pattern one might be the worse offender.

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