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Unparsing infoset file for 1mb jpeg using w3cdom requires 6gb more java memory than other infoset formats


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      With the DAFFODIL_JAVA_OPTS memory set to 10240mb the unparsing test infoset file for 1mb jpeg, using option -I w3cdom ran for over an hour without completing. When the test was killed the following error is displayed:

      "COpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM warning: Exception java.lang.OutOfMemoryError occurred dispatching signal SIGINT to handler- the VM may need to be forcibly terminated"

      Had to increase the DAFFODIL_JAVA_OPTS memory setting to 16384mb before the test would complete with an unparsed time of approximately 41 seconds.

      The same test using option I scala--xml and jdom completed in approximately 16 seconds with the DAFFODIL_JAVA_OPTS memory set to 10240mb.


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