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Data type not available in infoset events


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      Daffodil doesn't pass the datatype for a simple value as part of the StartElement or StartArray events.

      This means that you can't, for example, tell whether to create the JSON member as a string or as a number (i.e. whether to include the "" or not).

      In XML output, this prevents putting an xsi:type="..." element on the simple types, which is sometimes of value.

      Daffodil ships a JSON outputter, but it just renders everything as a string, and the XML outputter doesn't add xsi:type attributes.

      The infoset datatype member is required part of the DFDL infoset according to the spec, so the lack of this information is non-conformance to the spec.

      The xsi:type attribute is planned (JIRA DFDL-182 and DFDL-1633 also) - it would be optional, for the XML outputters, and would either be checked or ignored by XML inputters.

      The JSON inputters/outputters would have to be adapted to JSON that does not have the "..." around everything.

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