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Implement a Check for the Distinctness of Delimiters


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      Taylor: Do you know if the padChar is allowed to be the same as an escapeChar?

      Mike: bad idea. I think we added an errata just a week or so ago that says it is an SDE if any of the things are not distinct. E.g., the terminator cannot be the same as the pad character either, nor any other delimiter, nor the textStandardGroupingSeparator nor ....\

      Mike: delimiters can be shared prefixes of each other, and an enclosing group could have the same delimiters as something it encloses (e.g., enclosing gorup has comma separator, enclosed inner group does also) We do need an explicit check for the distinctness of these things. So jessie's test should throw an SDE.
      So... that test should result in an SDE. We'll need to create a ticket/bug to add that.

      Conversation above first referenced in DFDL-259 (Implement Trim/Pad/Fill)

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