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      Based on the meeting we had with Dr. McIssac

      Notes: https://opensource.ncsa.illinois.edu/confluence/display/GLGVO/2017-12-04+-+Nutrient+Modeling

      We will be addressing the initial Action Items for integrating a model into GLTG

      Action Items:

      -        Michelle will be the point person for learning models from NCSA side

      -        Michelle will coordinate with Dr. McIssac to acquire data and any analysis (excel model, R code, input data, and any necessary instructions, etc.)

      -        Michelle will set up and run the model as a stand alone here to replicate results

      -        Michelle will coordinate with Dr. McIssac to confirm outputs are correct and we are implementing the model correctly


      At that point we will be able to determine how best to integrate it into GLTG

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