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Upload LIDAR data from Qina


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      There is Lidar data on a server at Praveen's office in the Hydrology building. Qina Yan is our contact for getting onto the server.

      I have been using rsync to copy all of the contents of the folder over to imlczo.ncsa.illinois.edu.

      Here was the command inside the 2014_CZO_IA_IL directory on that server:

      `rsync -a . angelo@imlczo.ncsa.illinois.edu:/media/mylar/lidar/2014_CZO_IA_IL`

      This required entering my password at the prompt. If my access is removed after I leave NCSA, that command might need to be run as a different user. Any user on that server should have access to that folder though.

      That directory is on an NFS and is symlinked on the imlczo server, so you can also get to it here:


      The full directory should be about 3.2TB

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