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Add base layers to geodashboard


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      From Praveen:

      Let us explore how to add these as additional baselayer options if feasible, and as a user we can switch between them. USDA layers may be useful to see changing crop patterns from one year to next.


      From Andrew:



      1. USDA aerial imagery. The files can be downloaded from USDA geospatial gateway or there used to be able a link to the wms service.

      Also, the imagery is accessible through ESRI’s Living Atlas service https://arcg.is/0Tnmf. Seems like you can also add the imagery through Google’s Earth Engine. The service is updated as new imagery is acquired; typically every summer.


      1. Build a map using ESRI’s ArcGIS online. https://www.arcgis.com/home/webmap/viewer.html?panel=gallery&suggestField=true&url=https%3A%2F%2Fgis.apfo.usda.gov%2Farcgis%2Frest%2Fservices%2FNAIP%2FUSDA_CONUS_PRIME%2FImageServer.  Then can access various basemaps and datasets. Not sure how this could be linked/integrated with the geodashboard.


      1. For Champaign County and Piatt County in IL, CCGIS has provide UIUC access to the recent aerial photography. I’ve downloaded the Champaign County data from the Webstore. There may be a new aerial image available of Champaign County available if it was taken when the LiDAR coverage was recently updated. I understand the new LiDAR data is currently being processed, and can be linked to from https://clearinghouse.isgs.illinois.edu/data/elevation/illinois-height-modernization-ilhmp-lidar-data."

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