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      I’ve flagged two records 10016 and 10023 and with yellow highlight that need to be linked to ISGS, ISWS, and USGS datasets. They were shared with IMLCZO, but were not generated through the project’s NSF funding. For 10023, carbon and sulfur data, this comes from a dataset I manage, but is not published. I can work with ISGS Coordinator for Data Preservation (Mark Yacucci) to have the data uploaded into the institutional geochemical database, and then see if it can be linked to CINET.


      The record includes datasets managed by ISWS and USGS. I don’t believe the ISWS data is publicly available; Laura should be able to find out and suggest what to do.


      For the two USGS wells, data is served from the following sites:

      CHAM-08-09A: https://groundwaterwatch.usgs.gov/AWLSites.asp?S=401654088212001&ncd=

      CHAM-08-09WT: https://groundwaterwatch.usgs.gov/AWLSites.asp?S=401654088212004&ncd=

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