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TravisCI YAML file for ndslabs repo


    • NDS Sprint 40, NDS Sprint 41, NDS Sprint 42, NDS Sprint 43, NDS Sprint 44, NDS Sprint 45, NDS Sprint 46

      The purpose of this ticket is to bridge the work done by NDS-1146 and NDS-1150 into a working CI/CD system for Workbench.

      1. Expose staging server (see NDS-1150) to TravisCI
        • SSH / kubectl / firewall ports / CIDR
      2. Write a travis.yml for the ndslabs repo
        1. clear out previous cluster state (clear etcd, delete pods, clear out home folders from user data directory, recreate test user, etc)
        2. deploy the most recent templates (from git?)
        3. run any/all test suite(s) for the apiserver/webui (NDS-157 + NDS-1146)

      Ideally, the travis.yml file should encode:

      • dependencies
      • test steps
      • required secrets for accessing staging server (plus encryption)

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