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NDS Labs UI: Application Views


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      This is the Smoke Test of the entire NDS Labs system, designed to test core platform functionality prior to a release or public event.


      • A successful execution of NDS-312 (Ansible Cluster Deployment)
      • A successful execution of NDS-563 (Account Views)
      • A successful execution of NDS-386 (Catalog Views)

      Test Steps:

      1. Login to the NDS Labs UI
        • You should be brought to the Dashboard view
      2. Launch the File Manager
      3. Install an application
      4. Add an optional service (see Add/Edit Service below)
      5. Start the application
      6. Navigate to endpoint
      7. Log view (see below)
      8. Config view (see below)
      9. Console view (see below)
      10. Stop the application
      11. Edit a service (see Add/Edit Service below)
      12. Unlock the application
      13. Start the application once more
      14. Navigate to endpoint
      15. Stop the application again
      16. Remove the application
      17. Enable/disable password protection

      Previous Steps:

      1. Add a Kibana (ELK) application
      2. Start Kibana (ELK) application
      3. Navigate to Kibana endpoint
      4. Click through the intro wizard
      5. Search for * to see logs from your namespace

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