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Customize Workbench UI for EarthCube


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      The purpose of this ticket is to create a slightly customized UI to deploy onto the EarthCube instance of Workbench.

      Expected process:

      1. Fork the ndslabs repository via github web (if you haven't already)
      2. Clone your forked repository to your local machine (if you haven't already)
      3. Checkout master and create a new branch from it called earthcube
      4. Alter any aspects of the UI that the stakeholders desire, for example:
        • Change links in the Help dropdown on the navbar to point to relevant documentation by editing app.js / navbar.html / landing.html
        • Update the brand colors by modifying or replacing theme.min.css
        • Change product name and info link in app.js
        • Update brand logos in navbar.html
        • Add a "Powered by Labs Workbench" link to the footer (as seen here and here)
      5. Push the new branch to github for review


      This ticket is complete when we have a customized UI for the EarthCube Workbench with the stakeholders are satisfied.


      To test the UI drop-in:

      The ndslabs/webui Docker image provides environment variables allowing the user to override various aspects of the user interface upon startup.

      1. SSH into the Master node of the EarthCube workbench (to be deployed by NDS-861)
      2. Bring down the existing webui container
        • kubectl delete -f /tmp/ndslabs-webui.yaml
      3. Update the environment variables located at /tmp/ndslabs-webui.yaml to read:
        • GIT_DROPIN_REPO="https://github.com/YOUR_USERNAME/ndslabs"
        • GIT_DROPIN_BRANCH="earthcube"
      4. Launch the webui again with the new parameters you just edited:
        • kubectl create -f /tmp/ndslabs-webui.yaml
      5. Once the webui comes back up, verify that everything looks as you expect by navigating to the UI in your browser 


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