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Prepare customized catalog for EarthCube workbench instance


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      Once we have determined which of these services can be added to the Workbench catalog, we will need to create a custom catalog for the EarthCube instance consisting of only those target services.

      Expected process:

      1. Fork the nds-org/ndslabs-specs repository (if you haven't already)
      2. Clone the repo to your local machine (if you haven't already)
      3. Create a new branch from master called earthcube
      4. Prune all undesired services... as far as we can tell, this means delete the specs for all services besides the 5 listed for NDS-857
      5. Push the new branch to github for testing


      This ticket is complete when the EarthCube instance has an uncluttered catalog consisting of only the 5 services that they plan to use for the workshop.


      To test the customized spec catalog:

      The ndslabs/apiserver Docker image provides environment variables allowing the user to override the list of specs that are imported on startup:

      1. SSH into the Master node of the EarthCube workbench (to be deployed by NDS-861)
      2. Bring down the existing apiserver container
        • kubectl delete -f /tmp/ndslabs-apiserver.yaml
      3. Update the environment variables located at /tmp/ndslabs-apiserver.yaml to read:
        • SPEC_GIT_REPO="https://github.com/YOUR_USERNAME/ndslabs"
        • SPEC_GIT_BRANCH="earthcube"
      4. Launch the apiserver again with the new parameters you just edited:
        • kubectl create -f /tmp/ndslabs-apiserver.yaml
      5. Once the apiserver comes back up, verify that everything looks as you expect by navigating to the UI in your browser 


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