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Spit out a Cyberintegrator workflow (in XML) so that a conversion can be repeated later on


      Logs in the latest develop branch of Polyglot can be accessed by going to a file endpoint and adding .log to the end of the file name. Would like to be able to do something like add .wf to end of the file to be a taken straight to a DataWolf instance with the conversion tools used and a workflow setup to repeat the conversion. Ideally, long information from the first run will be visible as part of each tool (e.g. ran on date X, took Y seconds, produced a file of size Z, ...). Further a user should be able to swap out converters for different onces and rerun the workflow. For example the user might think software X which was selected via the IO-Graph in Polyglot isn't as good as software Y which they use regularly. They then swap it in the workflow and rerun the conversion.

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