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Resolve confusion around duplicate metadata fields


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    • Project Spaces Feb 2017

      Currently SEAD presents users with a "description" field as well as the option to add an "abstract" from the default list in the metadata drop-list. When users create a curation object, SEAD uses the entry (if there is one) from the description field... in what we send to repositories we jam together what is in the description and the abstract field. We also use "creator" and "author" in the interface inconsistently. See slides for detail on current behavior. It's likely going to be confusing for data producers and repositories alike.

      Acceptance Criteria:
      1. "Abstract" is removed from the default droplist of "add metadata" fields
      2. "Created by" label is changed to "Owner"
      3. Above "add a description field" is a new text field that says "add creators".
      4. Remove "Creator" from the default droplist of "add metadata" fields
      5. On create new curation object page replace "Abstract" with "Abstract (Description)". This field should be auto-populated with the dataset description field (as it is today).
      6. On create new curation object page, Auto-populate the creator field with values from creators field on the dataset (described in AC3).
      7. On the edit metadata field for the curation object, in the box on the lefthand side...Replace label of "Author" with "Owner" and autopopulate with information on who created the curation object (that is what is currently in the Author field)

      8. On submitted curation object page, in left hand panel,
      -get rid of description that currently appears right under title. (this is a duplicate of what currently displays next to "abstract")
      fix labels so that they are consistent with ACs 1-7 (same labels for same pieces of data)

      9. On Staging Area page.. each tile has "Owner" of the curation object (change from "author)

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