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"Copy Dataset" is not available


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      I created two spaces in SEAD 2.0 for the CM-JRMS project. Space 1: CM-JRMS https://sead2.ncsa.illinois.edu/spaces/5894f50de4b075d17a69d254
      Space 2: CM-JRMS Data Files

      I also created a new Contributor role for this project. I've been testing this role and discovered some abnormality.

      Users with admin and editor roles should be able to "copy" datasets, uploaded to space 2 by contributors, to space 1. Unfortunately, even as an admin I can't copy a contributor's dataset from space 2 to space 1. The function to copy datasets is not available for me when I go to the dataset's main page in space 2. These are the datasets in space 2 which I was using for testing:



      If I use my super admin, I see and can use the copy-dataset function.

      Any idea why I can't copy these datasets as an admin? I'm guessing editors would have the same problems.

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