Release Notes - Daffodil - Version s13 - HTML format


  • [DFDL-713] - Performance: memory leak since conversion to Scala 2.10
  • [DFDL-787] - Upgrade JDOM library to latest revision
  • [DFDL-867] - Spec confusing regarding use of DFDL character classes in textStandardZeroRep
  • [DFDL-873] - Fix Daffodil namespaces
  • [DFDL-884] - Update performance tests to work with sequenceKind changes
  • [DFDL-921] - Runtime Parser trying to cast GlobalComplexTypeDef to SimpleTypeBase
  • [DFDL-924] - Intermittent "Out of Range" error in multi-threaded runner
  • [DFDL-925] - Multithreaded runner: ExpressionException: State not bound for use by DFDL expression functions
  • [DFDL-945] - Segfault in DFA code when running Test performance branch
  • [DFDL-956] - Timeout too short for performance tests
  • [DFDL-962] - Update RELEASE and README to reflect new scala version

New Feature

  • [DFDL-245] - runtime-valued properties - textStandardDecimalSeparator, textStandardGroupingSeparator, textStandardExponentRep
  • [DFDL-888] - Develop a test rig outside of TDML Runner to utilize Daffodil's multi-threaded capabilities
  • [DFDL-893] - Property encodingErrorPolicy


  • [DFDL-890] - Add 64-bit Solaris machine to Performance Setup
  • [DFDL-912] - Investigate Nightly Performance Test Results
  • [DFDL-932] - Write tests for Escape Scheme Scenarios
  • [DFDL-943] - Multithreaded runner: Change method of setting threadpool size once Scala is upgraded >= 2.10
  • [DFDL-946] - IllegalAddException in threaded runner using occursCountKind="expression"


  • [DFDL-455] - Performance: Eliminate repeated scanning for delimiter that was already found once.
  • [DFDL-701] - Upgrade to Scala 2.10
  • [DFDL-936] - OOLAG - excess complexity in requiredEvaluations feature
  • [DFDL-940] - Replace parser combinators for delimiter scanning

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