Clowder is a research data management system designed to support any data format and multiple research domains. It contains three major extension points: preprocessing, processing and previewing. When new data is added to the system, whether it is via the web front-end, or through the RESTful web services, preprocessing is off-loaded to extraction services for extracting appropriate data and metadata. The extraction services attempt to extract information and run preprocessing steps based on the type of the data, for example to create previews. This raw metadata is presented to the user in the Clowder web interface.


Rob Kooper, Luigi Marini, MT
Shannon Bradley, Max Burnette, Dora Cai, Mark Fredricksen, Ben Galewsky, Gregory Jansen, Yong Wook Kim, steve konstanty, Rob Kooper, Vibhav Kotriwala, Mike Lambert, Jong Lee, Luigi Marini, Kenton McHenry, MT, Jim Myers, Christopher Navarro, Todd Nicholson, Michal Ondrejcek, Michelle Pitcel, Ankit Rai, David Raila, Sandeep Satheesan, Chris Schnaufer, Marcus Slavenas, Chen Wang, Bing Zhang, Yan Zhao
Dharma Akmon, yogesh bhandari, Shannon Bradley, Max Burnette, Alan Craig, Mostafa Elag, Noah Fahlgren, Mark Fredricksen, Ben Galewsky, Dan Harwood, Margaret Hedstrom, Peishi JIANG, steve konstanty, Rob Kooper, Vibhav Kotriwala, Praveen Kumar, Mike Lambert, David LeBauer, Jong Lee, Luigi Marini, Kenton McHenry, Barbara Minsker, MT, Jim Myers, Klara Nahrstedt, Christopher Navarro, Todd Nicholson, Michal Ondrejcek, Smruti Padhy, Anthony Pham, Michelle Pitcel, Sandeep Satheesan, Michael Simeone, Marcus Slavenas, Ceasar Sun, Michael Swanson, Chen Wang, Craig Willis, Bing Zhang, Yan Zhao
Brock Angelo, Liana Diesendruck, Mario Felarca, Yibo Guo, Indira Gutierrez, Will Hennessy, Winston Jansz, Varun Kethineedi, Avinash Kumar Mandakulathur Kumar, Rui Liu, Dave Mattson, Joseph Milla, Nishant Nayudu, Sandy Payette, Eugene Roeder, Adeet Shah, Constantinos Sophocleous, Nicholas Tenczar, Ashwini Vaidya, Jason Votava, Xiaocheng Yuan, Inna Zharnitsky


Active : This project is supported and actively developed. Confluence, JIRA and source code are available, and we will be able to assist if you have any questions. Any issues reported will be checked and fixed as quickly as possible.