Daffodil is a program that reads a DFDL Schema, and parses data as described by that schema to create an XML document. This project is now a incubator project at Apache. See the link to the external site.


Mike Beckerle, Jessie Chab, Steve Lawrence, Taylor Wise
Joshua Adams, Mike Beckerle, Jessie Chab, Elizabeth Finnegan, Steve Lawrence, Kathy Shonaiya, David Thompson, Taylor Wise
Joshua Adams, Mike Beckerle, Jessie Chab, Roger Costello, Elizabeth Finnegan, James Garriss, Steve Lawrence, Kathy Shonaiya, TestLink System, David Thompson, Taylor Wise
Jacob Baker, Jonathan W. Cranford, Joe Futrelle, Jeffrey C. Jacobs, Robert E. McGrath, Alonza Mumford, Jim Myers, Tham Nguyen, Norman Patrick, Scott Robinson, Alejandro Rodriguez, Andrew Seyler, Jeremy Solt, Shawn Sustrich


Active : This project is supported and actively developed. Confluence, JIRA and source code are available, and we will be able to assist if you have any questions. Any issues reported will be checked and fixed as quickly as possible.