Ergo is an open-source project that helps reduce the time-from-discovery gap that exists between researchers, practitioners, and decision makers by integrating the latest research findings, most accurate data, and new methodologies into a single software product. It was developed as a platform to perform seismic risk assessment in the Consequence-based Risk Management (CRM) framework. Ergo is built upon an open-source, extensible software platform developed at NCSA using the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP).


Shannon Bradley, Jong Sung Lee, Christopher Navarro, Nathan Tolbert
Shannon Bradley, Indira Gutierrez, Yong Wook Kim, Jong Sung Lee, Christopher Navarro, Nathan Tolbert
Christine Alfano, Shannon Bradley, starla carpenter, Starla Carpenter, suseong chai, Hana Chmielewski, Jae Choi, Fabrizio Comodini, Thomas Gruber, Indira Gutierrez, Jennifer Helgeson, Yong Wook Kim, Christine Kim, KwangYoung Kim, Antonis Kostaridis, Young Joo Lee, Jong Sung Lee, NISRINE MAKHOUL, marco mezzi, Christopher Navarro, Raymond Plante, Danny Powell, Kathleen Ricker, Dongjun Suh, Elaina J. Sutley
Omar Elabd, Shawn Hampton, Joerg Heintz, Dave Mattson, Jason Votava


Active : This project is supported and actively developed. Confluence, JIRA and source code are available, and we will be able to assist if you have any questions. Any issues reported will be checked and fixed as quickly as possible.