The SKOPE application will be hosted at NCSA and will provide state-of-the-art information about the environment experienced by humans at a given a place and time, past or present. In response to a specific query, SKOPE will extract the latest data from diverse online databases. Using explicit and repeatable procedures, it will process the data to yield a cutting-edge synthesis of environmental information specifically tailored to the user’s request.


Kyle Bocinsky, Adam Brin, Bertram Ludaescher, Timothy McPhillips, Johnathan Rush
Kyle Bocinsky, Adam Brin, Andrew Gillreath-Brown, Xingchen Hong, Keith Kintigh, Timothy McPhillips, Johnathan Rush, Jeff Terstriep


Active : This project is supported and actively developed. Confluence, JIRA and source code are available, and we will be able to assist if you have any questions. Any issues reported will be checked and fixed as quickly as possible.