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Max Burnette <> Max Burnette <> 807c5779118c6a5a46743799040eba37d7d87d75 Merge branch 'release/1.8.3' into limit-elasticsearch-types
Luigi Marini Luigi Marini 0892bcd00c31fc24d4db00d198134d47ae47aa19 m Fixed API call to correct endpoint when deleting tags on file page.
Luigi Marini Luigi Marini 59f7ba80ee6c77e5a0f1b8172a2925a93ed7f683 m Pull request #1442: fixing delete multiple sections tags
Merge in CATS/clowder from bugfix-delete-tags to release/1.8.3

Squashed commit of the following:

commit 93af7513c528e4c3e4d6d21a79cfdd1dd5331891
Author: toddn <>
Date:   Thu Apr 2 14:21:41 2020 -0500


commit 5472787d7ad079d398b2901ea13a2f856aafc02c
Author: toddn <>
Date:   Thu Apr 2 14:20:00 2020 -0500

    reverting change that was fixed on other branch

commit ae61e1e57e82ff70d3dfc620b1de927c73da9d39
Author: toddn <>
Date:   Wed Apr 1 16:00:10 2020 -0500

    remove from file works, dupes seem impossible to add

commit d9a88f5a49b3100e03cf24ccba9117fedc71d233
Author: toddn <>
Date:   Wed Apr 1 15:37:48 2020 -0500

    delete tag from sections now works
    the intersection of tags to delete and existing tags always came up empty due to UIUD/String type mismatch. Also, tags were deleted by name and not _id

commit 7fad4afaf5f88a53387aa062b84955eda9ac5172
Author: toddn <>
Date:   Tue Mar 31 14:08:44 2020 -0500

    removing 'test' method

commit df7987290cf23abac993701b544d778598e8d40b
Author: toddn <>
Date:   Tue Mar 31 11:54:56 2020 -0500

    delete tag from sections should not work

commit 6523f3fdbe22599712ea510bf270c31cafccd210
Author: toddn <>
Date:   Tue Mar 17 10:14:13 2020 -0500

    fixing delete multiple sections tags
Luigi Marini Luigi Marini ed3fe2613086f391755ce83ac8d526a1a8c06e53 m Updated version number to v1.8.3

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