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18-Apr-2018 21:44:16     Uninstalling pika-0.11.2:
18-Apr-2018 21:44:18       Successfully uninstalled pika-0.11.2
18-Apr-2018 21:44:18   Running install for SPARQLWrapper: started
18-Apr-2018 21:44:18     Running install for SPARQLWrapper: finished with status 'done'
18-Apr-2018 21:44:18   Running install for rdflib: started
18-Apr-2018 21:44:19     Running install for rdflib: finished with status 'done'
18-Apr-2018 21:44:19   Found existing installation: requests 2.18.4
18-Apr-2018 21:44:19     Uninstalling requests-2.18.4:
18-Apr-2018 21:44:20       Successfully uninstalled requests-2.18.4
18-Apr-2018 21:44:20 Successfully installed Flask-0.10.1 Jinja2-2.7.3 MarkupSafe-0.23 SPARQLWrapper-1.6.4 Werkzeug-0.10.4 html5lib-0.99999 isodate-0.5.1 itsdangerous-0.24 nltk-3.0.3 pika-0.10.0 pyparsing-2.0.3 rdflib-4.2.0 requests-2.7.0 six-1.9.0 wheel-0.24.0
18-Apr-2018 21:44:21 You are using pip version 8.1.1, however version 10.0.0 is available.
18-Apr-2018 21:44:21 You should consider upgrading via the 'pip install --upgrade pip' command.
18-Apr-2018 21:44:24 Removing intermediate container ff6482be06cf
18-Apr-2018 21:44:24 ---> 4ade0f22f20e
18-Apr-2018 21:44:24 Step 6/13 : USER clowder
18-Apr-2018 21:44:25 ---> Running in a7fa5254193f
18-Apr-2018 21:44:25 Removing intermediate container a7fa5254193f
18-Apr-2018 21:44:25 ---> 67a4d66c703b
18-Apr-2018 21:44:25 Step 7/13 : COPY /home/clowder/
18-Apr-2018 21:44:26 ---> 138f6a2f57c9
18-Apr-2018 21:44:26 Step 8/13 : RUN /home/clowder/
18-Apr-2018 21:44:26 ---> Running in cc2a77cc2e14
18-Apr-2018 21:44:27 linux spec user: unable to find user clowder: no matching entries in passwd file
18-Apr-2018 21:44:27 53: exit: Illegal number: -1
18-Apr-2018 21:44:27 FAILED build of ./Dockerfile