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Max Burnette <> Max Burnette <> 97982caf2974eae93ebedf1ece2411d29d0e6e84 remove json content type from deletes in client
Max Burnette <> Max Burnette <> 3ac0727196315b6f6e908e5462c510d07427dd83 Pass client to check_ and process_message instead of tuple
Max Burnette <> Max Burnette <> f3912582a52df47a43e9eb9735bb53e799fa2e58 bump version number, fix typos
Max Burnette <> Max Burnette <> 9700aaca3410e2ae3defeb157fc13c3429b21858 specify pyclowder imports
Max Burnette <> Max Burnette <> 991645d211891b36780537c71800f5562636394e Delete

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