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  • Rui Liu

    Rui Liu 2ba7526cd0da12329d4c298f9327f728164dd496

    BD-1048 BD-1049 Added back the pulling version of discoveryAMQ() and heartbeat(), renamed them to ..._pull. Renamed the push vesion to ..._push.
    Thanks a lot to Kenton's review comments!

    • src/main/java/edu/illinois/ncsa/isda/softwareserver/polyglot/ (version 2ba7526cd0da12329d4c298f9327f728164dd496)
  • Rui Liu

    Rui Liu c5b27e0abd5f85b76f6580ed5262a6244eecbc91

    BD-1048 BD-1049 Added javadoc for the registraton() method.
    Thanks Kenton for the review comment!

    • src/main/java/edu/illinois/ncsa/isda/softwareserver/ (version c5b27e0abd5f85b76f6580ed5262a6244eecbc91)
  • Rui Liu

    Rui Liu 4ddb46eed6c748eed4d06910d824eb944508f08b

    BD-1048 BD-1049 Added comments to explain uniq id str per Kenton's review comments. Thanks Kenton!

    • src/main/java/edu/illinois/ncsa/isda/softwareserver/ (version 4ddb46eed6c748eed4d06910d824eb944508f08b)