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Discussion items

Clowder All PawsTeam
  • Clowder All Paws:
    • To be scheduled for 02/27 at 3 pm
    • Agenda:
      • Lightning Talks:
        • Luigi: Geo-streaming API
        • Max: PyClowder → PyClowder2
        • Indira: Clowder permissions (sharing)
      • Update about March release
 Release plan for PyClowder and extractorsRob and Luigi
  • All extractors and PyClowder will need to have release tags
  • It was agreed that version numbers will be kept in sync between the Core Webapp and Pyclowder.
 Pull requestTeam
  • PyClowder, extractors, converters, etc., need to have licenses
  • Discussed about having NCSA, BSD or Apache licenses
  • Apache license has the advantage that it protects future patents

Action items